Male Enhancement Education – Does Size Matter?

Satisfaction as to size is purely subjective:

It has been unfortunately thought to be that men with huge penises like that they show in porn movies are the ones who are the happiest people on the face of this world. Thankfully this is a myth only. There is no such thing as the only size means more satisfaction or orgasms. And yet again thankfully!

Men and women statistics:

More than eighty percent of women think and truly believe that the size of the penis of their partners is just correct for them. It has been a source of much writing that while men, only around fifty percent are happy with the size of their members. This brings us to the question of whether the size of the penis does at all matter.

It may look good but a lot of women think it hurts:

When we talk about huge male organs, they may be a great thing to watch and get turned on but 65 percent of women who claimed that they have shared a bed with men with very big penises claim that the intercourse is very painful. The male penis when erect and bigger than the average size can be painful on the delicate clitoris of the women. Besides, long erect penises also are wider in their girths and that could also pose a problem to women.

The media hype:

While a big part of this perception can be blamed on media hype, the rest is also because of the male psyche that they are not enough or that they would fail to satisfy their partners in the bed. The problem to be addressed is more psychological than physical.

I am in no way undermining the potential of the supplements. I love the way male enhancement supplements feel. If the male has an average sized penis of five and a half and around when erect, he is good! He needs to only reassure himself that he would do a great job because in the end it is not only the possession of the arm but in the real wielding of it that one shows their prowess.

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