Fake Certificates – Your Role As A HR

In case you feel that an employee has handed over a fraudulent sick note or sick notes then it is important to know of ways to deal with such situations. Print your fake doctors note now are very common these days school students, college students as well as employees are doing this for various benefits. However as an HR you should be well trained on what to do in cases where you feel that the note handed to you is in fact a fake.

In case you find a single or a number of fake medical certificates in the organisation, the first think that you should do is to get in touch with the medical practitioner. You will need to verify the authenticity of the certificate and possibly also of the diagnosis. However, this can be a challenge as most doctors will not want to reveal the same to you. This could lead to a serious breach of the doctor-patient confidentiality. However in extreme cases the medical practitioner can also be forced to give the details of the illness of the employee.

The medical practitioner can be contacted to establish the nature of the illness that had made the employee stay away from work. The practitioner will be able to confirm the following things like whether he had examined the employee. The dates when he had examined the employee, if the medical practitioner had issued a certificate that said that the employee is unfit for work.

The medical practitioners address and registration number should also be verified. There have been cases where a single practise number has been used by many doctors in order to issue false medical certificates. So in case you have many employees who have produced a medical certificate with the same practice number but through different doctors then you could suspect that it is a foul play.